Innovation Bridge Portal (IBP) – As part of the Department of Science and Technology’s (DST’s) ongoing efforts to create an enabling environment to stimulate technology transfer and diffusion, the Department has initiated the Innovation Bridge Portal (IBP) to serve as a platform to encourage greater interaction between industry, academia and government. The IBP is a new online website and mobile based platform that is aimed at complementing and promoting the biennial Innovation Bridge technology showcase and matchmaking events. The Portal can be accessed on


Once fully operational the IBP will enable the ongoing:

  • Profiling and marketing of South African technology innovation competencies and products.
  • Facilitating of access to funding and support to researchers, technology developers (particularly at publicly funded R&D Institutions), and technology entrepreneurs working at the Science, Technology and Innovation space.
  • Matchmaking of researchers, technology developers and entrepreneurs with relevant financiers and supporting entities


The CSIR Meraka Institute is currently responsible for managing the initiative on behalf of the DST.