As an entrepreneur and director of various businesses, Pavlo offers over 20 years of direct experience in conceptualising, starting and building business enterprises in South Africa. He has brought to market business assets in excess of R1bn in the forms of family businesses, company start-ups, company turnarounds and a number of acquisitions for the purpose of company listings. Pavlo says his deep-seated understanding of entrepreneurship and business development comes from direct experience in conceptualising, building and selling businesses. He has actively commentated on entrepreneurship in South Africa via the platform of radio stations 702 Talk Radio and 567 Cape Talk.

Pavlo’s success lies in his beginning-to-end view on the entire business building cycle from start-up to sale. Additionally, his cross-sector experience has afforded him an entrepreneurial perspective of industry peculiarities and business dynamics. This includes the perspective of both the entrepreneur offering a business and the corporate doing business with them. In conversation and when he is presenting, Pavlo makes use of a colourful variety of images, stories, and analogies to tackle everything entrepreneurial. He makes vivid all the facets from the family owned businesses to entrepreneurial behaviour in big business. Today, as CEO and co-founder of Aurik Business Incubator, Pavlo works with entrepreneurs to build successful entrepreneurial businesses.